Ellipsis Elementor

Competing in an Age of Instant Gratification

An ellipsis represents a link or connection from one thought or space to another, leaving lots of opportunity for insight, discovery and growth.  And that’s exactly what we do.

ellipsis consulting bridges the gaps and connects the dots for P.R./ Advertising/ Marketing agencies, business consulting firms, professional service firms, associations and non-profits, primarily for business growth & development but also for client activation.

Our goal is to build your brand and advance your business interests so that you may thrive and grow in this hyper-competitive, ultra-scrutinized, easily distracted environment that we call “The Age of Instant Gratification.”

It’s time to meet Generation “S”™

The Age of Instant Gratification” applies to satisfying consumer buying preferences, to the resolution of divisive issues and of course, it applies to the pressure on organizations to grow.  Communicators need a defense against the Age of Instant Gratification.  This is our approach…

ellipsis named it Gen “S” because it is defined by the one behavior we all have in common:  everyone in our orbit communicates and interacts with their head down in a device…searching, scrolling, scanning, swiping, shopping, selling, snapping and sharing.

This is how “instant gratification” became so prevalent and it is why everything we do at ellipsis is to help our clients stand out in a sea of shrinking attention spans.


Most agencies describe their differentiation the same way.  This drives buyers nuts. Most buyers ask you to differentiate but refuse to divulge whom you are competing against, so you don’t know who you are comparing yourselves to.  This drives agencies nuts.

DON’T TAKE THE BAIT, because it will distract you from what really counts, which is demonstrating, not saying, how you stand out.

And to make that happen you need an approach that stands out.  At the heart of the “Choose Growth” platform is adapting to a new generation of buyers.  This is where Gen “S” comes in. The beauty part:  This is a generation that is not defined by age, geography, income or any other demographic or psychographic. 

“Choose Growth” is the name brand for our business development services and offerings, intended for agencies, consulting firms and others facing those internal and external pressures.  It’s also so named because of our belief that both organic and new growth rarely happen incidentally.  Rather, growth is something that occurs when there is a philosophy, a culture and a plan all in place.

Adapting to “Choose Growth” all starts in the one place that most organizations in this space find to be the biggest challenge: grabbing and holding people’s attention.

What we offer

These are among the services we provide to help our clients adapt to competing for business with Gen “S” in the Age of Instant Gratification.

What is
“Choose Growth?”

one-page overview of
the brand + philosophy.

“Choose Growth” Brownbag Presentation & Worksheet

principles and fundamentals
of Choose Growth for
one-hour sessions.

“Choose Growth”

one-page word document
on primary steps for adapting
the pitch process.

“Choose Growth” Pitch Essentials Deck

 basic requirements
for winning pitches.

Prospect Vetting Scorecard™

one-page form of objective/ subjective criteria to evaluate if RFI or RFP are worth pursuing.

Discovery Questions Conversation Guide

a list of questions and roadmap for most effective conversations in evaluating and challenging a prospect’s brief during a vetting call.

Generation “S” POV Communicating in the Age of Instant Gratification

communicating in new world of commerce and communications and differentiating as an agency. 

“CSI: New Business” ™

customized diagnostic plan with an audit of agency’s new biz culture, process and procedures, including the Biz Dev Audit Spectrum™.

“Conversation Not Presentation” ™

principles and coaching for
new business presentations.

“Conscious Cues” ™

materials such as credentials decks, agency narrative, case studies format and other standard templates, with a focus on replacing jargon and generic words with distinguishing language.

Marketing the Agency

consultation on working
search firms, awards entries
and other visibility.

Content Development

editorial services, such as writing proposals, presentations, strategic communications plans, blog posts, thought leadership and other writing and editing support.