Why choose ellipsis?

Why choose ellipsis

Why shouldn’t your agency consultant experience be the kind you always imagined. Fun, collegial, productive and one that feels experiential rather than transactional, merging our mutual interests to benefit each other, adapting easily to your culture, emphasizing flexibility over hierarchy.

That’s what we had in mind in assembling the ellipsis team.  We are plucky, versatile, energetic, curious and ambitious about advancing your interests. We are built for the pervasive pillars that dominate communications:   The Age of Instant Gratification…Era of Shrinking Attention Span…Gen “S”.

In short, we formed ellipsis for ourselves and for clients who want a departure from the traditional, plodding agency model. We move smartly and quickly, with little overhead…and we are looking for clients who want the same in return.

Our goal is to work alongside you to personalize, rather than corporatize your agency or firm and modernize your approach to be more distinctive among the sea of competitors you are up against in an era of shrinking attention span.

In both our business development specialty and our general communications support services, we engage with you directly; there is no pass-through staffing and where you don’t feel like half the time is spent on billing, administration and negotiating terms.

In short, we want to create an experience you want to return to.